Friday, October 5, 2012

MS Access SharePoint Read Only Linked Library

  • You are getting external data from a SharePoint library with Microsoft Access and wish to edit, insert, update, or delete the records
  • The library requires approval of submitted documents
  • You receive any of the following errors due to the list/library being read-only
    • "Cannot update. Database or object is read-only."
    • "This Recordset is not updateable."
    • etc.
  • You may also receive the "The setting you entered isn't valid for this property." 
    • You can ignore this one as it is irrelevant to this issue and will not prevent updating the list/library.
  • Disable the approval requirement in the document library versioning settings. Re-enable when done.
    • This seems to auto-approve any that are in progress. 
    • In addition, the Approval Status column may disappear from configured views.
  • Side note: For records with a populated person/group column, MS Access may hang during an update (via query or linked list manual update).  Removing and re-adding the users cleared this up for me.  And yes, this was strange.
  • The following scenario also does not affect the read-only status:
    • The list or library you are accessing included a managed metadata field at some point in time

      You can verify this by viewing the linked library in Design View in MSAccess and looking for a column named "Taxonomy Catch All Column". If it exists, then this list had a Term Store (Managed Metadata) column associated with it. Ex: Enterprise Keywords