Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SharePoint Conference 2011

The Kiefer Consulting team and I will be attending SPC 2011 in Anaheim. 
Be sure to get your SharePoint Overview posters at the Axceler booth!
Connect with me here, FaceBook, Twitter (@robertrfreeman), or LinkedIn.

Cool Stuff
  • Pick up your SharePoint Overview posters at the Axceler booth
Conference Links
Kiefer Links
  • Monday: HiSoftware Cocktail Party, Idera, Yammer, MS Party, Club SPC, AvePoint RED party at the UltraLounge
  • Tuesday: Disneyland
  • Wednesday:

Monday, September 12, 2011

How to recommend me on LinkedIn :)

  • I have done something non-horrible.
  • You would like to show your appreciation. :)
  • Recommend me on LinkedIn
    • Search for me on http://www.LinkedIn.com/ as Robert Freeman SharePoint
    • If you haven't already connected with me on LinkedIn, do so now
      • Select Add Robert to your network
      • Select Friend or Colleague and enter how you know me
      • Continue after I accept your invite (may be a few days)
    • If I'm in your network, you should see the Recommend Robert link
      • Click the link and fill in how non-horrible I am.
  • Receive a thank you message from me!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Office 365 Edit Library/List Settings

  • You have an Office 365 (SharePoint Online) Public Web site
  • You wish to edit the default web page view or other Web Page Library settings
    • Versioning, workflow, etc
  • The web interface ribbon does not show the list settings or library settings commands.
  • Open the site in SharePoint Designer
  • Select Lists and Libraries
  • Select Administration Web Page from the ribbon