Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Customized Fab 40 Help Desk Template

  • Develop an enterprise Help Desk application using MOSS 2007 with SP Designer 2007
  • Also include the following features
    • Custom alerts
    • State change based notifications
      • State machine workflows
    • Customer notifications
    • Change Request integration
      • Promotion from Ticket
      • Child Work Items
    • Work Item integration
    • Key Perfomance Indicators
      • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
      • Calculated Fields
    • Deadline notification
    • Approval workflows
    • Custom Fields
    • Custom Add Item Forms
    • Cascaded Dropdowns
  • The Fab 40 Help Desk template is a basic starting point and lacks the above features
  • I recently architected a solution implementing these requirements.  It's too much info to post here, but please contact me for details on how this can be accomplished.
  • Parent child relationships require a 3rd party Cascading Lookup control

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