Friday, May 27, 2011

SharePoint Folder to Document Set Content Type Conversion Bug

  • You create a folder in a document library or have email enabled a library which adds folders
  • You change the content type of a folder to a document set content type (from the folder properties)
  • SharePoint 2010 has a bug where folders are not correctly converted to document sets.  The following symptoms occur:
    • Folder icon remains instead of the correct document set icon.
    • The Document Set home page does not appear.
    • Other document set functionality is not available via the ribbon.


  1. Robert,
    What if I add the document set content type to the library, add me a document set, and the document set home page appears. When I navigate back to the library the icon is a folder, and there documentset hope page isn't available for me. In the dropdown of the document set (Now a folder) I can see document set version history etc..

    Similar end, but a different path taken... Do you have any ideas why on this special site collection this is happening?

  2. Don't know why that would happen. You should try my fix and see if it helps. It corrects the schema on each doc set after any update to that docset's properties. It may be that the document set is being created incorrectly or that there is a custom process that is creating the doc set in an abnormal way.

  3. Robert,

    This fix works great when we have to create a document set in sandboxsolution. One issue which i am still having is i have some allowed content types associated with the document set. They are not getting associated to document set with this fix. I am getting a message "Content Types allowed to this document set have been added or removed update the content type" when i go to the welcome page of the document set. How should i fix this. I have tried setting the docset_LastRefresh on folder properties but still its not working. Any idea how to fix this issue. I cant use any documentset api as it is a sand box solution.

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  5. Hi,
    should this work for custom content type based on document set content type.
    At first I created workflow for changing content type folder to custom document set.
    I downloaded solution, did what is written, but no success.
    My custom doc.set is used in sub-sub site.
    Tnx in advance?

  6. Great work. I've ran into the same issue in a scenario where the corrupt document sets where already there, so I wrote a script to fix the document sets after the fact:

  7. Hello Robert,

    I added the solution to the Site collection solution gallery, activated it and enabled it. When I go back to my library and refresh it, it doesn't work. I tried creating new Document Set and it still creates it as a folder and doesn't convert it.

    Any ideas.


  8. Hi,
    Problem is that ContentType ProgId attribute not set.
    Add ProgId="SharePoint.DocumentSet" to Contentype XML and it should work fine.

  9. Does this work in Sharepoint 2013 as well?

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  11. Hi All,

    Does this work in Sharepoint 2016 as well? or need download the wsp in sharepoint 2016 can you please suggest me .