Thursday, November 21, 2013

Attach a Document from SharePoint or Office 365 in Outlook

  • You would like to attach a document to an Outlook email that you have located within SharePoint or Office 365.
  • Note that for internal documents, you should always just link to the document in SharePoint.  Only when sharing with a user who doesn’t have access to your SharePoint site should you send a document as an attachment.
    • You can still use the following to get the link to the document.
  • You don't want to have to download it and then attach it from you local file system first
  • In addition to being able to email attachments directly from MS Word, you can attach the file directly from Outlook using the SharePoint shortcut as follows
  • Right-Click Document Name (This works from anywhere in SharePoint, even search results)
  • Select Copy Shortcut (This puts the Link to the Document in your clipboard)


  • Open the email you wish to attach to
  • Select Attach File 
    • If the recipient does have access to this document in SharePoint, you should just paste the link into the email instead, increasing security and avoiding change management issues.


  • Paste the shortcut into the File name field (Right click and select Paste or use Ctrl-V)


  • Click Insert and finish composing the Email


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