Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SharePoint 2016 Topology Planning

  • You are architecting an on-premises SharePoint 2016 Server Farm infrastructure deployment.
  • If this is an upgrade, make sure you know what features were depricated
  • Determine your server license requirements
  • Determine if you need a scripted install or wizard install
    • Scripted
      • Utilize AutoSPInstaller (open source project) to create reusable installation scripts for easier re-provisioning of servers for multiple environments and disaster recovery scenarios
      • More time to setup and initially more error-prone with greater possibility of misconfiguration and typos
    • Wizard
      • Simplified interface and best support from MS
      • You should document in OneNote all settings chosen so you can reproduce exactly
  • Determine if you can use MinRoles and decide which roles to use for which servers and how many servers you need
    • MinRoles provide best practice configurations, are better supported by Microsoft, and are easier to redeploy using the wizard
    • MinRoles cannot be used in certain large and specialized farm configurations
    • Decide how many servers you need based on projected load and high availability requirements
    • Decide which roles to use by reviewing them here: Technet - MinRole Planning
  • Design SharePoint server topology using the roles and number of servers decided earlier
  • Design SQL, Workflow Manager, and Office Online (previously Office Web Apps) server configurations

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