Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SharePoint Synchronous Mirror Script



  • When setting up the SQL script they left out a few details.
  • Use C:\Windows\System32\cliconfg.exe to create the aliases on each SharePoint server. SharePoint must point to the alias rather than directly to the SQL instance.
  • The SQL alert should run the Failover job
  • The Failover job should have the 2 steps
    • Failover the remaining databases
    • Run the Regini commands to reset the sql alias
      • The account running the job must have add permissions or you may get an Regini cannot open file error
      • The sql job can only run one cmdexec command per step, so you will need multiple steps or a batch file with all the commands
      • The registry setting should change the alias pointer to the same server that the job is running on
  • Don't Copy from the word doc, as this will take the incorrect - and ' characters.

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