Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Issues with SPUtility.SendEmail.
  • SPUtility.SendEmail subject parameter cannot contain a comma "," character.
    • If it does, the email will be delayed by several hours.
    • To workaround, use: strSubject.Replace(",", " ") for the subject parameter
    • I am not sure if this is an smtp issue or a SPUtility issue.
    • The function will return "True" indicating a successful send even if there is a comma.
  • The body text parameter must have a new line character at least every 2048 characters.
    • If not, the email body will be truncated at 2048 chars.
    • For example, when using an HTML formatted body, you may have all your encoding on one line within the body string/stringbuilder parameter. You will need to insert crlf chars every 2048 characters or less.

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