Thursday, November 19, 2009

SharePoint 2007/3.0 Group By AJAX

  • Modifying the SharePoint 2007 GroupBy functionality when groups are collapsed by default
  • HtmlFiltering content within one of the groups
  • Using HtmlFilter prior to 11/19/09 release
  • When expanding a group, the contents are messed up or never display  (loading ... )
  • This is caused by a strange implementation of AJAX on Group By fields within the SharePoint List Web Parts

    • Normally the UpdatePanel syntax is pipe-delimited with

      • length|???|???|content

        • The middle 2 parameters seem to be UpdateType and ID

    • But the SharePoint syntax is

      •  lengthOfEventValidationString|eventvalidationstringcontent||content
      • the second and third pipes || are located together between Icon="icgen.gif and " OType="0" within the table tag
      • ??? Let me know if you can think of any logic for this syntax ???

  • Upgrade to the newest HtmlFilter.vb release which will account for the SharePoint Group By syntax

Fiddler was the key to fixing this bug.

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