Thursday, October 6, 2011

Upgrading Custom Code from 2007 to 2010 #spc11 @kieferconsult

Presented by Rebecca Isserman
  • Copy the project before upgrading
  • WSPBuilder to WSPBuilder
    • Change SharePoint dll reference
    • .Net framework 3.5
    • Import VSeWSS project type
    • Option to use Sandbox Solution
  • WSPBuilder Converter Tool
    • Web Part
    • Workflow
      • Add references
        • office.workflow.tasks
        • sharepoint.workflowactions
        • and more
        • need all correct references to get workflow designer to work
  • DB attach upgrade removes all code from the CEW unless using attached file
  • Silverlight object model web part demo
  • HTML5 client object model demo
  • Visual Studio power tools includes a Visual Web Part simulator adn sandboxed solution limitation

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