Thursday, October 6, 2011

Packaging SharePoint Branding Elements for Deployment #spc11 @cwheeler76 @kieferconsult

Presented By Christina Wheeler - MindSharp MVP
  • Uncustomized files
    • Uncustomized = not in database
    • Better performance
  • Customized
    • In Content Database
    • Won't get updates from solution upgrades
  • Use Sandboxed solutions
  • SharePoint sites
    • Use Master Page Gallery
    • Use Style Library
      • CSS and images
      • create subfolder
    • _layouts is an alternative
      • Deploy to each front end web
  • Design with SharePoint in Mind
    • Using SharePoint Designer
  • Transfer from Designer to VS2010
    • Empty SharePoint Project (.Net 3.5)
    • Add Module project item
      • Delete sample.txt file
      • Rename feature1
        • Feature
          • Change scope to site collection
          • add feature receiver to apply branding attributes
            • Feature Activated
              • Import MindSharp.HousekeepingExtensions
              • Delete existing/prior versions of branding files
      • Add branded assets to module and modify module elments.xml file
        • Images, master pages, and style sheets
        • Modify Elements.xml
          • Define path and url for each file element
          • For one module, Specify /Style Library/foldername
          • For the other module, Specify _catalogs/MasterPage
          • Set Content Type and Titles on MasterPage file elements
      • Set GhostableInLibrary and IgnoreIfAlreadyExists="true"
        • IgnoreIfAlreadyExists="false" does not work (MS BUG)
      • No end slashes on URLs
    • Add event receiver to brand child sites
    • Deploy and Test

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