Monday, October 24, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Major Fails

Here are some major "Oops!" moments from the MS SharePoint team:
(Note: They do a good job in general, but it's always good to provide some constructive feedback!)
  • Document IDs from the DocID service are not always unique (even within a site collection)
  • Search Center master page is missing breadcrumb and navigation support
    • It will not work with the v4 master page
    • Workaround
      • Requires Sandboxed Services
      • Activated at the site collection level
      • Must enable SharePoint Standard features to change Master Page after feature activated
  • No more Group By Content Type on List/Library views
  • Calendar Overlay Color codes are fixed, limited to 10, and have 2 ice blues with uneditable hex codes
  • Managed Metadata (Term Set) fields do not work within Datasheet Views, InfoPath Forms, or SharePoint Workspace
  • No regular expressions in Column Validation formulas
    • You must use Excel syntax formulas
  • Calculated Columns are still very limited.  No Lookups, Multi-Select, Multi-Line or other complex field type support.  Today and Now still do not work.
  • Audiences and security groups are still isolated
    • Why only allow Audience targeting on some items and group security on others?
      • Why can't security be applied to a navigation item or a web part?
  • Nested group support is lacking (Groups within groups, group permissions, and security)
    • Nested SharePoint groups are not supported
    • Workaround: Use AD security groups (if you can)
      • Nested AD groups work with audiences if profile import is configured correctly!
        • Only includes accounts within the profile import OU even if the security group is within the OU
  • Document versioning is disabled by default in document libraries
    • Since this is one of the huge benefits of a CMS, this should be enabled by default
    • Workaround: Use custom templates or programmatically enable on list/library creation
  • Copy To Other Location functionality does not copy metadata for lookup columns on non-office documents
  • Can't copy a document to another site via SharePoint Designer Workflow action
    • Cross-site workflows are still generally unsupported
      • Workaround: Use a third party workflow product
  • Public sites do not support mobile devices by default.
  • Projected Column (Lookup Column Related Fields) limitations
    • Can't project another lookup column
    • Can't project many other common column types
    • Projected fields are not displayed in view item or edit item forms
  • External Content Type / External Data Lookup control limitations
    • Does not allow multi-select lookup
    • External Data Lookup Picker limitations
      • 200 item max
      • Only 1 filter can be applied at a time (no ad-hoc "and"/"or"  filtering)
      • Can't filter or sort by column header

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  1. Also a bummer for column validation formulas: unless I am mistaken they are always applied even for non-required fields. For example, if you have two optional date fields where one must be less than the other, this comparison will be performed on these fields even if they have empty string/null values.

    Another bummer: to the best of my knowledge, the new published content type does not support using lookup lists. If you have metadata fields (i.e., site columns) associated with the content type and you need them to be lookup fields, you must use an option field with the hard-coded values.